Commercial Property

Represented a buyer of an industrial building.

Advised a commercial contractor on the loan documents, including a loan agreement, promissory notes, guaranty, assignment of rents, and new mortgage used to finance the acquisition of a new company headquarters.  A challenge from this particular transaction was addressing the lenders scope of warranties related to the potential environmental hazards and liability that may arise by federal or state law. 

Represented insolvent landlord in sale of retail strip center.

This project involved renegotiating leases and reciprocal easement agreements to ensure long term viability of the center in exchange for buyer’s performance of necessary repairs and restoration.

Represented Hospital Developer.

Advised developer in multiple purchases, construction and leasing of medical office buildings to a regional hospital corporation.  Then, represented Developer in sale of the properties to national REITs.

Represented Farm Owners in Exchange.

Coordinated and documented a “pure” land-for-land exchange of farmland under I.R.C. 1031.  

Represented a buyer of a parcel of property.

Advised on the purchase and separation of a parcel of undeveloped land and prepared a purchase agreement to the benefit of the buyer, which included certain buyer protections and enforcement mechanisms.   

Represented a landlord seeking to lease out office space.

Advised the landlord on certain limitations inherent in the lease document that was already in use and prepared a new lease document that included certain additional landlord rights and tenant covenants related to the use of the real estate. 

Represented a landlord in preparing a new lease for a single industrial building with office space.

Prepared a new lease document that included certain landlord rights and tenant covenants related to the use of the real estate, and provided that the landlord may undertake additional development steps for unoccupied portions of the property. 

Residential Property

Represented a seller in the sale of a residential property.

Prepared the transaction documents to reflect certain buyer preferences, which included a residential real estate purchase agreement with favorable terms for the seller, such as more specific definitions of due diligence events that the buyer may use to support a right to terminate the sale.

Represented a landlord in the leasing of a residential property.

Prepared the lease documents to reflect certain landlord preferences, which included a residential lease agreement, property rules and regulations, and a pet policy, and adopted favorable terms for the landlord, including certain restrictions and obligations related to a tenant’s occupancy with a pet.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Represented tenant in landlord – tenant dispute related to the lease of commercial space in a retail building and negotiated settlement of claims and amended lease.

Represented a landlord in a landlord – tenant dispute related to the lease of a single-family home where the tenant damaged property and failed to pay rent.

Represented a property owner in a property tax sale wherein the owner argued the county had failed to provide proper notice of the tax sale, and prepared and presented argument and evidence at a hearing regarding the same. 

Commercial Property Purchase

Assisted a purchaser as a part of an acquisition of a commercial property zoned for light industrial use by reviewing the SBA financing documents including certain  environmental protections for the lender, and successfully negotiated favorable amendments to the standard default and warranty terms.